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A new roleplay opening soon!  Here is the forum to enter!

Good side(Hunted) or bad side(Hunter):
what outfit looks like(Not to detailed):
traitor or not/spy or not(Put in who they work for if the are a traitor):

I will be making their outfits, so they can be in it!
This is a bit scary, nobody afraid of scary things should be in or read roleplay!
More Journal Entries

Group Rules and notes!

Welcome to Mystic Academy(Mystic-Academy) and please read the group rules!

-No super gore, you cannot describe really gory situations here. What if a kid that doesn't have a DA account just reads something like that. Or somebody who's afraid of that.

-No cuss words, only considered cuss word is fricken. Doesn't matter what you think, it's not allowed.

-No M rated content, this is a K+-T rated group. Even though there isn't a lot of gore and barely any considered cussing.

-Be considerate to other people, if they ask you to stop doing something stop!

-Please follow rp rules! If you don't the first two times, you get a warning! If you don't 3 times or more, you will get a ban from the group for a certain amount of time!

-Give us a note to the group or to a Co-founder/Founder about a member not following rules. Look at the forum to fill out below
If you want to join, please read the following rules.
-Put in the word, join
-Follow the group rules
-Submit pictures and journals to the right folder

Want to be an Admin?
If you want to be an Admin, just note Gamergirl11111 saying so, you have to enforce the law of the group and follow our rules. You must also fill out the forum:
How long have you been on DA?
Have you made a journal?
Have you done a collab before or working on one?
Have you held an adoption?
Have you adopted an adopt before?
Have you been an Admin of a group before?

Rule Breaker Forum:
Your username(link):
Their username(link):
Rule broken:
Link to place where rule was broken:
How many times this person broke a rule:

Where to role-play?
Roleplay in the journals. You can use non-god OC's and ask gamergirl11111 if you can do canon of characters from: wolfblood, Vampire Knight, MLP, Total Drama, LPS, digimon, pokemon, yugioh, ect.

Invite your friends! We love new members!
Thanks to all!








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SparkleStuffs Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
May I start a role play?I have an idea in mind.
gamergirl11111 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Student General Artist
Yes, feel free to at any time!